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Koe-eläinpuisto 21.9.2013

Ohjelman ensilähetys oli 18.9.1999

No 1. Divine Comedy: Generation Sex
No 2. Dire Straits: Walk Of Life
No 3. Jon Bon Jovi: Queen Of New Orleans
No 4. The Connells: '74-'75
No 5. Beggars Opera: Hobo
No 6. Moon Martin: X-Ray Vision
No 7. Faith Hill: Let Me Let Go
No 8. John Lennon: 9th Dream
No 9. Jean-Michel Jarre: Magnetic Fields Part Ii
No 10. Gianna Nannini: Bello E Impossibile
No 11. Pat Benatar: Love Is A Battlefield
No 12. Cressida: Home And Where I Long To Be
No 13. Kid Creole & The Coconuts: Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy
No 14. Shakespear's Sister: You're History
No 15. Eric Clapton: Let It Grow
No 16. M People: Fantasy Island
No 17. Bob Dylan: Senor
No 18. Rialto: Monday Morning 5:19
No 19. It's Immaterial: Driving Away From Home
No 20. The B-52's: Love Shack

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