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Koe-eläinpuisto 29.6.2013

Ohjelman ensilähetys oli 19.6.1999

No 1. Jason Donovan: Sealed With A Kiss
No 2. Roy Orbison: I Drove All Night
No 3. Middle Of The Road: Louise
No 4. Aneka: Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang
No 5. Jeff Lynne: Every Little Thing
No 6. Max Werner: Rain In May
No 7. Strawberry Switchblade: Since Yesterday
No 8. France Gall: Ella, Elle L'a
No 9. Army Of Lovers: Give My Life
No 10. Simply Red: Fairground
No 11. La Bottega dell'arte: Mille donne e nessuna
No 12. Red Box: Bantu
No 13. Fever Featiring Tippa Irie: Stayin' Alive
No 14. Bill Lovelady: One More Reggae For The Road
No 15. Enigma: Beyond The Invisible
No 16. E-Rotic: The Winner Takes It All
No 17. Billy Idol: Sweet Sixteen
No 18. Gibson Brothers Latin America
No 19. Rainbow: I Surrender
No 20. Laid Back: Bakerman
No 21. Tom Petty: Learning To Fly
No 22. Blondie: Maria

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