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Koe-eläinpuisto 8.2.2014

Ohjelman ensilähetys oli 12.2.2000

No 1. John Elton: I'm Still Standing
No 2. Tom Petty: I Won't Back Down
No 3. Alice Cooper: Poison
No 4. Dead Or Alive: You Spin Me Round
No 5. F.R. David: Words
No 6. Nik Kershaw: Wouldn't It Be Good
No 7. UB 40: Food For Thought
No 8. Gary Moore: Friday On My Mind
No 9. Yello: Call It Love
No 10. Mylene Farmer: Comme J'ai Mal
No 11. Avalanche: Riding On A Storm
No 12. R.E.M.: At My Most Beautiful
No 13. Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
No 14. Soul Asylum: Runaway Train
No 15. Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up
No 16. Toto Cutugno: C'est Venice
No 17. Shawn Colvin: Sunny Came Home
No 18. Agnetha Fältskog: Wrap Your Arms Around Me
No 19. Ottawan: D.I.S.C.O.
No 20. Frank Robson: One For The Road
No 21. Sanne Salomonsen: Saet Fri
No 22. Snowy White: Bird Of Paradise
No 23. Trio: Anna - Lassmichrein Lassmichraus

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