Screening Gender activities

Main joint activities

May 2000
Launching of the finalised Screening Gender tool kit, Stockholm, Sweden.
May 2000
Preput Conference, Halifax, Canada
April 2000
EBU Television Assembly, Dubrovnik, Croatia
March 2000
Training of Trainers Workshop, Maastricht, the Netherlands
October 1999
EBU Training Assembly, Helsinki, Finland
September 1999
ERICARTS Conference, Hamburg, Germany
June 1999
Project‘s international workshop, Oslo, Norway
April 1999
BEA, Las Vegas, USA
March 1999
EBU Television Assembly, Trieste, Italy
June 1998
Project‘s international workshop, Helsinki, Finland
February 1998
Project‘s international workshop, Hilversum, the Netherlands
October 1997
EU Prix Niki Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece


Examples of company-specific training and other events during 1997-2000

In addition to numerous workshops for programme-makers and managers in Dutch broadcasting companies affiliated with NOS:
  • Workshop for the Council of Europe
  • Presentation at a UN expert meeting about images of older women in the media
  • Workshops for women‘s organisations; a specific training event for trainers in such organisations
  • Roumanian journalists‘ group
  • Workshops for journalism students
International, two-day project workshop
Internal workshops for:
  • various regional units
  • numerous programme-making departments
  • Training Department, Acquisitions and Presentation Department; PR Department; Human Resources etc.
  • SVT managers, the SVT Board
External presentation for:
  • media researchers of journalism and mass communication
Internal workshops for:
  • TV news journalists (learning-in-action training)
  • senior TV producers
  • multicamera directors
  • programme evaluation seminar for educational programming
  • programme development for new TV programmes and for a new radio channel for women
  • YLE Steering Group
Presentations and lectures for e.g.:
  • Finnish Journalists‘ Union
  • Finnish Equality Council
  • Editors-in-Chief of various media, jointly with the Chair of the Finnish Parliament and the Union of Women‘s Associations
  • Women‘s Open University, groups of students at the University of Helsinki
Internal workshops for e.g.:
  • groups of programme-makers
  • Training and Media Research Department
Presentations for:
  • ARD Equal Opportunity Officers
  • Presentation of the project given at the Conference “Frauen in die Totale - Medien in der Verantwortung“, hosted by NDR Landesfunkhaus Niedersachsen and Niedersächsische Zentrale für politische Bildung
  • university students