Comments on Screening Gender

“This toolkit is stimulating and flexible resource material that will be useful in countless training contexts all over Europe.“

Els Bovenlander, General Manager Media Academie The Netherlands, Chair PrePut.

“The practical approach of the examples has a sweeping impact on our editorial work and routine. It's worth the effort. It is an eye-opener for practitioners as well as media researchers.“

Ulrike Grunewald, journalist and editor, ZDF

“Journalists and programme-makers will have a lot to think about with these examples from our own everyday reality. This isn't the one and only method of working for equality, but it is an excellent step in the struggle for increased equality.

Making the presentation entertaining at the same time doesn't make it any less meaningful.“

Olle Mannberg - District Manager at SVT Karlstad

“The last two decades have brought change in the representation of women and men in television output, much of it positive. However, we have also seen a lessening of attention to the crucial issue of equality. Assumptions are made that the matter has been dealt with. Screening Gender reminds us that all is not as it should be, that broadcast output does not always reflect the reality of people's lives and of the roles that women and men play in society, and that public broadcasters have a particular responsibility to their audiences in this respect. It brings to the discussion reliable data and concrete training material. All public broadcasters have benefits to gain from Screening Gender.“

Bob Collins, Director General RTE, President EBU Television Committee

“It's striking how clearly women are discriminated against in the media once you learn to recognise it. When you see these video examples, it really affects you and you're ashamed at the way television is produced. The fact is that “Screening Gender“ has made me look more critically at how my colleagues and I make programmes. I thought I was aware of these problems, but I realised I was ignorant.“

Maria Fägerwall – script writer at SVT Göteborg

“Screening Gender is one of the projects which addresses the core issue for public broadcasters - our obligation to be accountable to the audiences we serve.“

Arne Wessberg, Director General, YLE