The Cultural Fitness project

Please note! The Cultural Fitness project is having a break at the moment and the website will not be updated. The features of the project and the website can be utilized but no technical support is available during the break.

Did you know that as little as half an hour of culture three times a week is enough to keep you fit culturally? If you are looking to improve your fitness, it is advisable to try events that raise the pulse rate and improve stamina.

Cultural Fitness is a nationwide joint venture instigated by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). The objective of Cultural Fitness is to eradicate fears and prejudices related to experiencing culture, and to inspire new experiences.

Cultural Fitness combines the supply of culture, the support of employers and the activity of cultural exercisers into a network that benefits everyone.

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What does it mean in practice?


The project has over 575 partners in total – cultural institutions, employers, students’ and pensioners’ organizations, entities in social services and health care, and municipalities for instance. They have made the cultural fitness card available for about 465.000 Finns.

The Cultural Fitness Recommends logo

The Cultural Fitness Recommends logo is the core of Cultural Fitness. It identifies the cultural sites that are part of the project.


The message of the project to ordinary Finns is...

•      ...the project provides a medium to improve the quality of life and to increase the amount of healthy years ahead, as research testifies.
•      ...as little as half an hour of culture three times a week is enough to keep you fit culturally.
•      ...to improve your fitness, it is advisable to try events that raise the pulse rate and improve stamina.
•      ...the Cultural Fitness Recommends logo helps in finding cultural content to suit one’s needs.
•      ...culture is not only for celebration: it also belongs to everyday life.

For culture providers the project offers...

•      ...an active, national network as well as support, information, and possibilities.
•      ...the Cultural Fitness Recommends logo to use and show one's involvement in the project.
•      ...a trademark to represent accessible content – being part of Cultural Fitness is an emblem of quality.
•     ...tips and ideas to reach new audiences.

For employers, entities in social services and health care, organizations, and associations the project offers...

•     ...the Cultural Fitness Card, an easy medium to improve welfare at work or facilitate working with different kinds of groups.
•     ...concrete advice on how to make adaptations in the work environment: the health benefits of culture have been proven.
•     ...a medium to keep abreast of the possibilities of culture – other workgroups promoting the health benefits of culture have been born since the launching of Cultural Fitness.

The website

The Cultural Fitness website offers plenty ingredients to get your Cultural Fitness project started. On the website you can take the Cultural Fitness Test, create your own fitness profile, fill in the electronic fitness calendar, and find events geared towards cultural exercisers.

The Experience Report

In addition, the Cultural Fitness website allows people to share their experiences by filling out an electronic experience report. At the same time people can browse through other users’ experiences. The experience report can also be filled out in your own notebook.

Cultural Fitness Finland 2010 Summer Map

The Cultural Fitness project and Finland Festivals in conjunction offered summer tours in 2010 to suit a variety of tastes and different life situations.

Choose just the right tour for you or customise your own festival summer based on the routes.

The Cultural Fitness Day

The Cultural Fitness Day has been celebrated nationwide two times and the third time will took part on the 28th of January 2011. On the Cultural Fitness Day, partners of the project organize dozens of unintimidating special events all over Finland.

Kuva: Veera Aaltonen/YLETV-programme Cultural Fitness Clinic

In November and December 2008 YLE TV1 broadcasted a weekly 7-episode TV-programme “Cultural Fitness Clinic”, where each episode told a story of a different person aspiring to improve their cultural condition. The personalities ran from a 15 -year old school girl who hated anything classic to a 50-year old bookstore-owner who never read books.

The Cultural Fitness Championship contest

One of the major initiatives has been a Cultural Fitness Championship contest between Sweden and Finland. The aim has been also to get Sweden as a country and SVT as a national public broadcaster to get interested in adapting the project, then the rest of Scandinavia, and more. 

For more information:

Contact production manager Marjaana Mykkänen marjaana.mykkanen(at)yle.fi