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Case Closed? seminar 25.9.2007

CASE CLOSED? Closing event of Mundo project was cathering 120 persons to celebrate and listen to the seminar to Finnish Film Foundation 25th of September.

The Project has ended.

English language magazine SixDegrees wrote an article about the project and people taking part in that.
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Mundo - A media education and work training project for immigrants and ethnic minorities

The Mundo project, aimed at immigrants and ethnic minorities that live in Finland, is a media education and work training project supported by the European Social Fund’s ‘Equal’ programme. The purpose of the project is to create new cultural know-how in the field of media, and to promote tolerance and multicultural understanding among employers and employees. The project offers the opportunity of high standard education for ethnic minorities, tailor-made individual study plans and diverse work training in different media fields.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yleisradio, Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia and the company DreamCatcher Ltd are involved in the Mundo project. In this joint venture, which is administered by YLE, the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia is responsible for the education phase. The work group of YLE’s TV1 programme series ‘Basaari’, together with the publisher of the multi-cultural publication SixDegrees - DreamCatcher Ltd - are responsible for the work training.

The international partners of the Mundo project are Mira Media from the Netherlands, Hi8us from England, BGZ from Germany, ACEC from Slovakia and DIMITRA from Greece. The aim of this international collaboration is an increase of diversity within the European media field.

A total of 26 students were chosen for the two and a half year study programme which began in May 2005. The students of varying ages come from 20 different countries and have very different backgrounds. A number of the students are experienced in media work and others are only just starting their careers.
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The Mundo project offers students broad-based media training during which they will work within various media, in television, radio, and newspapers and will create services on the Internet. The actual Mundo courses began in August 2005.
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The project will give rise to a weekly ten minute Mundo slot which can be seen in the TV1 ‘Basaari’ programme series on Mondays at 17:10, and as a rerun on YLE24 on Tuesdays at 10:10 and on YLE TV1 on Fridays at 15:50. The Mundo slot will always consist of short documentaries that are one hundred percent produced by immigrants and that are of general interest.
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Feedback, comments as well as programme and link suggestions can be sent via the feedback web page.
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Summary of Case Closed? - The Story of Mundo

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