by Martha Vera


Cactus Salad
(portion for 6 persons)
- Cactus* (4 jars of 350 grs)
- 5 tomatoes
- 3 red onions
- Olive oil
- Lime drops

*You can find them for example in Stockmann food section.

(portion for 6 persons)
- 2 packets of flour or corn tortillas
- Cheese*
- 500 grms of fried mushrooms
- 1 onion
- Green, red or yellow paprikka

* Emmental and Gouda are good but you can experiment with flavours depending on your taste for cheeses.

Mole is a spicy salse of many different chillies and spices that you can eat with rice and chicken; for vegetarians you can serve beans instead of chicken.

Green Chilaquiles
(portion for 6 persons)
- 1 bag of salty Tortilla Chips or natural flavour Tortilla Chips
- Green spicy salse 3 jars
- 2 Onions shopped in arrows
- 250 grs. cream
- 250 grs. cheese
- ½ Chicken well done and shopped in small pieces

Sorbet or any kind of fresh dessert that helps your stomach to digest all these delicious plates.


Cactus Salad
For the cactus salad you need to take away the liquid and maybe the green chillies that are in the jar, don’t be afraid if they look kind of slippery, is part of the consistence. The taste is marvellous!!

Shoppe the tomatoes and onions in slices, cactus can be cut in half if you want. Mix all the ingredients and add the olive oil with the lime drops with salt and pepper. Remember to take out the chillies before serving the salad or your guests will need to drink all your tequila to avoid the spicy taste in their tongues.

Mole Negro
The mole salse you find in Europe is Mole Doña María, the jars are not in sale anymore in some stores, so might be kind of difficult to find them in Helsinki now days.

Fried the mole with a little bit of oil and add 5 dl of water, approximately, for each jar you use. You have to move for long time to avoid it comes a strong-burn paste. Cooking time is 1 and half hours, approximately. For six persons two jars are enough.
Once you have the salsa ready you add the pre-boiled or cook chicken and prepared rice or beans. Ummm!!

Green Chilaquiles

Green Chilaquiles are a traditional dish you eat on Sundays lunch after a heavy party night. The more chilli it has the better to help the krapula! Or you can have them for a dinner with your friends.

Pre-heat the oven in 150 degrees for 15 minutes. Put some butter in the base of the plate where you will cook them. In a pan fried the green salse for some minutes with olive oil and add 2 dl of water, the more you use the spicy the salse get, but you choose. When you fried chillies you activate its properties and you will have lots of hot!! The salse will melt and make the tortillas chips very soft and tasty.

Expand the tortillas chips in the plate adding in every layer: the green salse, the onions, chicken, cream and cheese. Then, do a second layer of tortillas chips and put all the ingredients once more, you can do all the layers you want, depending on the size of the plate/pot you are using.

On the top of the last layer put lots of cheese and cream so it will be little crunchy when you serve it.

Buen provecho!

P.S. Remember to cook with your friends, good music and refreshing drinks.

P.P.S. You will find pictures of all the food described from Mundo Kuvagalleria.

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