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KE 23-01

Biisilista: Marginaali


Jimmyeatworld: The Middle (tuleva alb) (Dreamworks)
The Phantom Tones: Want You Too Much (cd-r)
Esa Linna: Don't Know What It's All About (demo)
Elliot Scale: Innerspace (Meet The Scene -kok) (Rhythm Barrel)
Le Futur Pompiste: Seeds (demo)
Télépopmusik: Breathe (tuleva alb) (Catalogue)
Imatran Voima: In And Out
(Ghetto Bass Archives Vol 1 -ep) (Kostamus)
El Rubio: My Shitty Suburb (U2-kok) (Ura)
The Coral: God Knows (The Oldest Path -ep) (Deltasonic)
The Music: You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me (sgl) (Hut)
Vex Red: Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire (promo) (I Am)
The Lost Prophets: Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja (sgl) (Visible Noise)
BRMC: White Palms (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -alb) (Virgin)
Log: Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down Not Speed Up
(Everytime A Bell Rings...-alb) (Bad Taste)