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Radiomafia in English

Radiomafia is a nationwide popular culture channel for Finland’s younger generations. It broadcasts a complete range of modern musical choice, focusing on Finnish and international pop and rock.
The channel is the first to air the very latest releases in Finnish and international music. And, as a truly non-commercial station, it provides both new and established Finnish musicians with unbiased and dynamic air time.
The channel also offers specific musical genres for all kinds of music-lovers, featuring jazz, country, dance, club, heavy, etc.
In addition, Radiomafia compiles and broadcasts the Official Finnish Charts on a weekly basis.

Radiomafia comprises 74% music play and 26% intelligent journalism and snappy humour. The channel prides itself in its quality-entertainment programmes, many of which have received media awards.
Radiomafia’s roadshows have made sure that its personnel have always remained close to its listeners. Its presence is felt in both major and minor events all over the country, whether musical, sporty or educative.
The channel’s live broadcasting of concerts also means that anyone who wants to be there, can be. Top musical events are always archived for future generations and concerts are exchanged regularly with the EBU.

Radiomafia has a genuine social conscience, often supporting national awareness campaigns and informing listeners of current social issues. One example is its regular summer campaign promoting safe sex, jointly sponsored by the Red Cross and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The campaign is highlighted by the distribution of 90,000 creatively-packed condoms.

Founded 1.6.1990.

Digital editing and broadcasting system.

Director of Programmes Ville Vilén
Head of Programmes Saila Mattila
Head of Music Heikki Hilamaa
Producer (internet) Janne Lindroos     (
Producer (projects) Juhani Kansi
Producers Satu Kurvinen, Leena Lehtinen, Pertti Ylikojola
PR/producer Minna Peltomäki


Box 17
00024 Yleisradio

Tel. +358-9-14801/switchboard
Tel. +358-9-148 2822/studio
Fax +358-9-148 2650

Yleisradio Oy (YLE)/Radiomafia
Finnish Broadcasting Company/Channel 2
Radio and TV Centre
Radiokatu 5, Helsinki, Finland

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