The programme Environment News has been broadcasted every week since the beginning of 1992. These 20 minute news give the latest information on the state of the environment and background information on the relationship between the environment, economy, and politics. Also included are interviews af environmental activists and decision-makers, a weekly indicator on the state of the environment, and a "Hint of the Week" on how to live in a more sustainable way.

The programme was awarded the 1993 Environment Finlandia -prize, which is given to a book or a programme which has been influential in making the public aware of environmental issues and sustainable development. The programme is one of ten most popular programmes on TV 2 and it is viewed by 700 000 people (out of 5,1 Finns) every week. The Environment News has been sponsored by many public organizations, such as The Ministry of the Environment and the National Board of Forestry, but sponsorship by companies or businesses is not allowed.

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