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The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, has opened its archives to the public. Elävä arkisto (The Living Archive) is a free internet service through which you can listen to the echoes from the past and travel through history. The website contains thousands of television and radio programmes in both Finnish and Swedish.

The archives consist of over 10 000 background articles connected to over 1 400 hours of TV programmes and archive films and 1 000 hours of radio programmes from 1906 onwards. And this is just the beginning: the service is an ongoing process and more material is constantly being added.

The service is mainly focused on Finnish history and culture but the archives also include plenty of international material. Political turning points and the shaping of world history can be both seen and heard, from the fall of the Soviet Union and the Watergate scandal to documentaries about Western Europe and Mao´s China.

In the radio section of the Living Archive it is possible to listen to the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra playing works by Jean Sibelius. The archive also has a web-radio, and transmits a stream of old radio programmes 24 hours a day.


Elävä arkisto/YLE
PL 77, 00024 Yleisradio

Tel: +358 9 14801
E-mail: elavaarkisto@yle.fi
Internet: yle.fi/elavaarkisto

Reijo Perälä, Ph. D.
Head of New Media Development, YLE New Media

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