YLE Teema - an alternative option

YLE Teema's evenings are easy to remember - drama series at seven, documentaries at nine and late night movies at ten. Each evening features a different theme: popular culture on Mondays, history on Tuesdays, art and culture on Wednesdays, science on Thursdays, everyday-history on Fridays and the special Theme-Saturdays, which are the very essence of YLE Teema. The different programs on Theme-Saturdays are carefully chosen from a wide selection of documentaries and movies, forming unique pairs according to each weeks theme.

Tuulen viemaa, YLE
YLE Teema's Film Club convenes four times a week. Cinema Classic presents classic movies, well-planned series on legendary directors and film episodes still influencing contemporary cinema. Cinema Kauko is for those who dream of faraway lands. Cinema Into always explores something unique, and Cinema Helmi shows European art-house movies. Cinema Teema has film series from season's themes.

Saksa sodan jalkeen, YLE
YLE Teema is committed to seeking out documentaries that dive deep into their subjects. These documentaries fall under the headings of Popular Culture, History, Art and Culture plus Third Dimension, which addresses issues concerning the third world.

Laila Kinnunen, YLE
YLE Teema's TV-Archive searches the massive databases of the Finnish national public service broadcasting company to find immemorial moments from the past. The viewers can also wish for their favorite programs to be shown by sending e-mail to the channel.

Absolutely Fabulous, YLE
YLE Teema has many quality tv-series. The main focus in the European fiction and this spring it´ll be Spannish on Monday, British and French on Tuesday and Russian on Saturday.

Don Quijote, YLE
Teema brings high-level music productions and recordings of popular- and so called high culture musical performances straight to your livingroom. Sunday evenings are dedicated to ballet, opera and concerts by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Pelon katketyt kasvot, YLE
YLE Teema science programs each explore their respective fields in detail, both pinpointing problems and offering solutions and positive case studies. Thursdays are devoted to science. Once a month certain themes are investigated in detail.

YLE Teema immerses the viewer in foreign languages and cultures. This theme is supplemented by Language Gate and YLE Open University websites and the programs interact with YLE Learning Online. Opettaja.tv is a TV and online service for teachers.