Host Cities & Arenas

Hartwall Arena - Helsinki

Hartwall Areena Hartwall Areena was built to host the 1997 IIHF World Championship. After that the arena has been completed with a new practice rink and a beautiful cliff restaurant. In addition to Finnish Ice Hockey League games this modern multifunction arena has hosted many international events such as World Figure Skating Championship in 1999 and world famous concerts with various artists.
City of Helsinki

Elysee Arena - Turku

Elysée Arena in Turku is a multifunctional arena with high standard services. Arena was built in 1990 to host the 1991 IIHF World Championship. Elysée Arena is known for its special restaurants which were redesigned a couple of years ago.
City of Turku

Ice Hall - Tampere
Tampere Ice Hall is the oldest ice stadium in Finland, built in 1965 to host the first ever Ice Hockey World Championship organized in Finland. The ice hall was reconstructed in 2001, with further renovation due during summer 2002. The city of Tampere has invested a lot in making this building with memorable history to meet today’s requirements.

City of Tampere
2003 IIHF World Championship in Finland

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