5.6. Gaining momentum

Tomorrow the orchestral finals begin at last after two days of rehearsing. In a way the office now has less to do, as we’ve only six contestants to look after and we’ve got into a clear routine. The things we’re dealing with do, however, seem to be getting more weighty; today we haven’t issued a single lunch ticket but instead we are negotiating over whether the rehearsals and actual performances can be filmed, fixing interviews and so on. The phone keeps ringing and people drop in to ask about timetables, tickets and whatnot. And of course we’re still sending off press photos to a number of places.

In other words my job varies according to who is calling and who wants what. It’s great that the media are showing a steady interest in music competitions – radio, television and the press have all become familiar. Though the glorious sunshine outside does make it a bit difficult to concentrate…

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