Online commentators take their leave

The results have been announced. We end our online commentaries here. We thank you for your interesting comments and for the debate that will undoubtedly continue to rage over the results. I personally would have placed the contestants in a slightly different order, but the jury has spoken.

Risto-Matti Marin

And thanks from me, too. Let’s hope the debate continues…

Jukka Nykänen



When some concert organisers want to use some pictures from this page for the promotion material- who has the copyright?when the competitor him/herself wants to use pictures in website or some concert programmes, who should he/she ask for the copyright?could the audio be used for pianists themself, like a promotion material?

I hope page will be open!

It would be great, when this page would be working for next 5 years. befor next competition is coming. Next Maj Lind is in 5 years or?


I mean- will we be able to see the videos also later- in one year for ex.?

video and audio of participants?

How long will we be able to see videos and listen audios in this page?

Website will stay open

We will close the comments-part next week, but otherwise the service will stay open for public.

Sandra Saulo
New Media Editor
YLE Teema

Maj Lind website?

When this page will be closed?

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