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A captivating family drama with a hard core “how to raise the best kid in town” dilemma playing out loud in modern suburban America and the rae nature of Utah’s red Rocky Mountains.
O: Jon Bang Carlsen, Tanska 2010

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A documentary that challenges former Indonesian death squad leaders to reenact their real-life mass-killings in whichever cinematic genres they wish, including classic Hollywood crime scenarios and lavish musical numbers.
O: Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn
T: Final Cut For Real, Tanska 2010

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About 20 Americans play professional basketball in Iran. One of them is the point guard on Tehran's Saba Battery - a team sponsored by Iran's Ministry
of Defence - the same ministry that's at the center of the current nuclear standoff with America. Trying to resist the role of ambassador, the Texas native offers a hint of person-to-person diplomacy:" One of my friends (in the States) - he's really like a cave man - he says, 'Are they walking around with AK's?' 'Isaid, 'If you came here, you wouldn't ever want to go back, the way they treat you.'
O:Till Schauder
T: Partner Pictures, USA 2010



In GHETTO, Director Eugene Jarecki ("Why We Fight") looks at America's War on Drugs and gives a historical overview and weaves unforgettable personal stories with groundbreaking commentary from a "who's who" of the leading proponents and opponents in this tragic and unending crisis.
O: Eugene Jarecki
T: Eugene Jarecki / Charlotte Street Films Ltd.
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Jalanan intimately portrays the lives of Boni, Ho and Titi - three gifted yet marginalized Jakarta bus musicians and paints a striking portrait of Indonesia's frenzied capital city that is raw, humorous and brutally honest.
O:Daniel Ziv
T: DesaKota Prod., 2009, Indonesia
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A story of popular soap operas and telenovelas, now being used to combat the effects of poverty around the world.
O: Peter Friedman
T: SARL REALISE, Ranska 2011

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VÅR MANN I KIRKENES (aka Finnmarken–Welcome Home)

A film about the local journalist Hallgeir, who struggles with his role as a journalist in the tiny community of Kirkenes. In a place where everybody knows everybody, and where Hallgeir often is the only one at work, it seems difficult to be the critical and investigative journalist he longs to be.
O: Åse Svendheim Drivenes
T: Sant & Usant AS, Norja 2008

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Victor Kossakovsky takes us on a unique trip around the globe – to the world's few places, situated exactly opposite each other. With breathtaking images and a stunning montage Kossakovsky approaches the philosophically appealing and politically delicate subject of the antipodes.
O: Victor Kossakovsky
T: Ma Ja De, 2009
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