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7.6. Soon we’ll know…

…the winner of the second Helsinki International Maj Lind Piano Competition!

5.6. Gaining momentum

Tomorrow the orchestral finals begin at last after two days of rehearsing. In a way the office now has less to do, as we’ve only six contestants to look after and we’ve got into a clear routine.

4.6. To Finlandia Hall

The competition is nearing the end. This was really brought home to us today as we moved the office to Finlandia Hall. Luckily we don’t have a lot of baggage, but even so it took some time to get all the computers set up and online, the papers in some kind of order and before we could concentrate on our work in the new surroundings.

3.6. The finals have started

So here we are again!

30.5. Gap day busy, too

Today is a ‘gap day’ between the first and second rounds. However, this doesn’t mean there’s not something going on all the time. The second-rounders began their hall rehearsals at nine this morning on the dot. This time each contestant has 45 minutes in which to practise in the Sibelius Academy Concert Hall.

29.5. The tension mounts

It’s an exciting day today in the office. The moment is drawing near when some of the contestants will be thrilled to begetting a place in the semi-finals while others will be disappointed. There will, unfortunately, be a lot of disappointed pianists, because only 14 can be accepted for round two.

28.5. Practising hard

It’s been pretty quiet in the office today, or as I usually say: so far no catastrophes. We still have today and tomorrow of the first round. By now I’m beginning to recognise the most common pieces.

27.5. Blog hints

Should you be interested in reading other blog comments, check the homepage of the Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet in which music critic Wilhelm Kvist regularly reports on the competition. If you can understand Swedish, that is! You’ll find the blog at

27.5. Half-way mark

By the end of the morning session we’re half way through the first round. Twenty have played and twenty remain. I notice that as yesterday proceeded the talk became more heated (on the web as well) – listeners are starting to have their own favourites and to seriously debate who will go through to round two.

26.5. Tuning problems

Keeping a piano in tune may be difficult when it’s pouring with rain outside. Funnily enough, I spent half the day in the office before realising it was raining outside. Because we don’t have a single window, so we’ve no idea what the weather’s like. Members of the audience were, however, dripping wet as they entered the foyer, and we had to order a taxi or two for contestants.

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