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< Andreas Brantelidin esittelysivulle

Voit lähettää oman viestisi Andreas Brantelidille. Klikkaa allaolevaa Kommentoi-linkkiä ja kirjoita viestisi!



Tack andreas.. du är BRA...

Tackar, Andreas!

When we heard you playing first time we werewas you'll be the winner. You have a unbelievable sound and we see you like talking when you're playing cello. We don't even have words thanking you!
Thanks a lot for you and we hope you success in your life!
And we hope that we see you again here in Finland.
- some musicians -

Tack ska du ha

"Jag är så glad att jag är svensk!" Tack för en underbar Prokofiev! :)

Thanks for the winner!

We don´t have the results yet but we are sure you´ll win! Your playing was unbelievably moving and passionate. We were enjoying everything you did!


Fint att du kommer till Helsingfors! Jag hörde Din spel i Wien!

Welcome Andreas!

I remember your performance from the Eurovision contest! I was so happy to see you coming to Paulo, and I am sure you will be one of the contestants to look for! Welcome!!!