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YLE Teema is a themed Cultural Channel, devoted to documentaries, movies and music. Our cultural perspective is wide: from punk rock to opera, from 1960s spaghetti westerns to classic old movies, from pop to classical art.

The Channel is for science fans of every age group and encourages viewers to learn. It offers friends of history a whole range of Finnish and international history documentaries. Television is part of our common memory and the TV archives are open every Tuesday at 10 pm to allow us to relive those special moments. We are always keen to know what the audience would like to see from these archives.

We are the main movie channel at the Finnish Broadcasting Company and we are Finland's biggest film club. Movies are on almost every night of the week and from all over the world.

Teema's most profound and distinctive characteristic is its emphasis on themes. Teema packages its programming into in-depth thematic seasons. The display window for all of this is Theme Saturday, which looks at a variety of themes, boldly combining old and new, fact and fiction.

We believe that viewers want to understand more. We don’t underestimate our viewers and we don't intend to waste their time.


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YLE Teema in English