The Broadcast - How Did We Talk About It?

Julkaistu Ke, 01/04/2009 - 12:00
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  • How to Participate.

We want to make sure that the event is as open as possible for all of you viewers and customers. We are also interested in questions and comments about the discussions and the whole event.

So here are the way’s you can participate and follow the seminar during the day.

The Broadcast

The event was broadcasted live through our web TV and radio YLE Areena and also in our mobile platform


There will be a Live Twitter feed present at the studio. Comments and questions will be taken from the stream to the live broadcast.

You can participate via Twitter by using the topic #yle_music

We are also following the topics #yle and #music

Our Twitter contact will be Arttu Silvast @


Finnish or Finnish speaking viewers can also participate the conversation @ the channel #YLE @