Social Networking During The Event

Julkaistu Ke, 01/04/2009 - 14:00
  • Twitter during Embracing The Music (Kuva: Tuija Aalto)
  • Embracing The Music was to be an open event that people could really be involved in through social networks.

[Twittering during the broadcast. Picture by Tuija Aalto Creative Commons via Flickr]

Social networking and conversation about the event was done the whole day via Twitter.  A live report was also produced through a Finnish micro blogging network Qaiku.

The Twitter Feed on topic #yle_music (English language)

Total amount of tweets were more than 100 and here's a few of them:

"jussimantysaari Embracing the Music: guys pretty much answered the question I asked. How yle, internet and music can work together #yle_music"

"T_A_R What is quality music journalism really? Stories? Are good music critics storytellers? #yle_music"

"laurila @dubber makes point about servicing tiny niches as public service. I agree, why Yle should compete with mainstream channels? #yle_music"

"tuija #yle_music @alexnieminen The most important thing: music's role in people's lives and entertainment that can be enjoyed passively."

"suomela #yle_music I share Mikko Siren's concerns about quality in music journalism vs. net - I want to think that quality rises to top in all forms"

"laurila I do not need experts to teach me about my music taste - I need my friends and social surrounding to do that and experience it #yle_music"

"jussimantysaari #yle_music Thank you panelists. Insightful opinions for us on the commercial side of music media also."

"arttuextra RT @dubber: Enjoyed that panel session for #yle_music - good range of views and interesting ideas. Great moderator too. Thanks all... :)"